Recruitment Information

Information on Joining

  • Requirements to join
    • WCU operates under a deferred recruitment policy.  Students are eligible to join a fraternity with the following requirements: 
      • 1.  Be enrolled as a current student at WCU; 
      • 2.  Earn twelve  WCU Credit Hours  with a 2.50 cumulative GPA;
      • 3.  Register for Recruitment and/or attend an interest meeting.
    • First semester transfer students who have been out of high school for a full semester are eligible to join the Greek community if they have at least 24 transfer credit hours with a 2.50 cumulative GPA.
  • Financial cost of joining
    • The financial obligations depend on the chapter fees and dues. For more information, please contact a chapter representative.
  • Why join
    • Through our values-based programming and staff support, the members of fraternities and sororities at WCU will gain an understanding of the impact of individual and organizational actions, life-long connections within organizations and the larger community, an understanding and appreciation of identities different from their own, the ability to advocate for self and others, a commitment to academic excellence, an understanding of self, and a sense of belonging.